About CN Publishing House

Equipping and Empowering in innovative ways...


CN Publishing House is a full service publisher. We are not limited by distance, thanks to the global innovative tools of the internet. CN Publishing House is a Christian publishing company who are committed to a spirit of excellence, devoted to the Word of God, motivated by innovative creations and inspired by unique forms of communication to publish. 


Our aim is to bring heaven to earth by publishing an array of books and teachings that represent what is already happening in heaven so we can see the manifestation in our lives on earth. Topics will include, Oneness, the angelic, the courts in heaven, ruling, church history, children books, intimacy, kings and priest, identity, purpose, contending for the faith, legacy, significance, fatherhood, motherhood, family resources, transformation, spiritual warfare, Biblical studies, Christian ministry, five-fold ministry, Holy Spirit, Jesus, spiritual authority, worship, prayer and intercession, spiritual gifts, women's studies, men's studies, youth studies, missions, kingdom government, apostolic-prophetic, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists.


These topics will be written in a plethora of ways by means of contemporary nonfiction, fiction, Christian living, devotionals, inspirational, business, leadership, marketplace, finance, economics, entrepreneurism and so forth. 


Our goal is to get all our titles on Christian bestseller lists. We work with both established and first-time authors.